Henry Platt

Born: 20-Mar-1793, married Sarah Whitehead on 20-Mar-1815, died: 11-Nov-1842, father: John Platt, mother: Alice Winterbottom Family Tree

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  Letter from Sarah Anne Platt to Parents Henry Platt

Dear Parents,
I am glad to hear that
you are both well and I
hope if my mother's entreaties
will not entice you to eat
that walking on the sea shore
will. We are all very well and
Joe looks remarkable. Mr & Mrs
Jeaves went on Saturday and
a famous _ up Mr Harris
came in the morning
about half past 11 and worked
himself a mutton chop, and
what with blowing the fire

it was quite laughable. Joe
went this morning to Oldham
and is preparing for Malta.
Mary Alice does not like the
thought of being left. The children
are in high spirits about going
on Friday, the time is up but
I suppose we shall stop a few
days longer. On Sunday it will
be the flower show and Sunday
Bowdon Wakes. Yesterday there
came a great many people
but were disappointed for they
were a week before the time.
Caroline and the children
went to take leave of the
Old Kassman who is much better.

I am endeavouring to _ the
children out as neatly and little
expense as possible. Louisa is very
good and indeed both of them
give very little trouble for
they are so delighted with going to
Oldham and being smart. I have
packed some few things for
Mary Alice and a great many
of our winter things. I am sorry
to tell you that Mr Jessop is leaving
either the first or second week
in October. Time will permit
no longer as it is washing day.
With best love to you both.
I am
my dear parents
your affectionate daughter
S A Platt


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  Letter from Joseph Platt to parents Sep-1842
Bowden, Sept 20 1842
Dear Parents,
We have received your
letter this morning and were
glad to hear that you are
doing well and sincerely hope
that your may better derive benefit.
Mr Bradstreet has persuaded me
to go to Malta in preference to
any other climate and perhaps
accordingly with respect to
the land I have in open for you
to settle and must say that Mr
Schofield will be good to treat
with his offers every face but think

if am ever to clear with him
we could do better still. Sister
Sarah will everything as far as the
family affairs, as I am off
to Oldham and has no time
to write a long letter.
Yours affectionately
Joseph Platt