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Brigitte Associates Bed and Breakfast accommodation 
St Petersburg, Russia.  

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Created and managed by Brigitte Lafrechoux with a team of associates and multilingual experts to meet the needs of short and long-term visitors to Saint Petersburg including tourists, business people and students.


Vision: “My hope and commitment is to provide visitors to Russia a safe environment in which they can enjoy all the beauties and opportunities that Russia and its people have to offer”.


Russia is a wonderful place with energetic and loving people and yet when one thinks of Russia and travelling there it feels like climbing a mountain and worries start invading our mind as we remember horror stories from the media… (unfortunately traditional media focus mainly on  the negative!)


 It is to shift this negative mindset that we have decided to create an Association that really cares for the travellers and business people staying in Russia. By implementing a proper, reliable network and system we allow you to have some peace of mind in the knowledge that your trip is taken care of, in the most cost-effective way, under the lead of a foreign, competent expert surrounded by a team of committed and hard-working Russian partners. We offer a personalised service at low cost because we aim at a long-term presence here and do not subscribe to the wild rush of “quick money making schemes” that tends to prevail amongst Russian business.


Brigitte: French by origin and Russian by adoption, I love my new home country and the beauty I see in its people and land. I want to share this treasure so that you can all enjoy it in total peace of mind and are able to experience with joy Russian hospitality and generosity at its best.


Irina: Born in St-Petersburg, I have a small B&B where I enjoy having foreign guests to look after. I also like taking them around (I have a car) and helping out in any way I can with their work or business meetings.


Alla: I am a professional/personal guide and during your stay in SP I can facilitate your plans according to your interests and wishes, setting up individual (or group) excursion programs, parties and entertainment, cultural and business events, shopping and dining. I will ensure that you enjoy every moment and that you do not feel lonely in our city.