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Visa support is a 3 step process:

-         Letter of invitation

-         Issuance of visa

-         Local registration


To come to Russia one needs a visa (tourist for a month - non extendable-, business for single entry or multiple entry visas of up to 12 months or guest visa for up to 3 months) which is issued on presentation of a letter of invitation. 

The letter of invitation (official document from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs or Domestic Affairs) can be provided by a travel agent, visa agencies or by our services, directly faxed to the Russian consulate where you apply at least 2 weeks before your departure.

Once you have a visa and arrive in Russia you then need to register, which is done for free if you stay in a hotel or at a cost should you be in a B&B type of accommodation (police registration is compulsory within 3 days of arrival).