Malvern College First World War Casualty

Lieutenant Guy Bayford Bell

Photo of Guy Bayford Bell
House and time at Malvern: No 4, 1885 - 1892.

Regiment: Machine Gun Corps.
Died: 28 April 1917 aged 43 in France. Killed in action.
Battle: Second Battle of Arras. Cemetery: Arras Memorial BAY 5

Born Nov 5th 1874, Bayford House, Rosslyn Park, Hampstead. Father: Alfred Bell (Artist in Glass). Mother: Jane Bell formerly Burlison.
Junior School—Upper V. School Prefect. XXII Cricket; House XI Football.
5th Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers.

'For twenty years in the 'seventies and 'eighties there was a "Joey" Bell in No. 4; and for the next twenty years tradition preserved the name of "the Bell who was rolled over by the Big Roller." The youngest of four brothers, sons of one of the founders of the firm of Clayton & Bell, well-known for their stained-glass windows, Guy at once achieved distinction as the smallest boy who had ever come to Malvern, and soon established himself as a general favourite. But he was destined to become a historical character. In those days each House furnished a squad one day a week to roll the Senior wicket after breakfast; and one morning during his first summer term. Bell was sitting with several others between the shafts, when the bell rang for Chapel and the roller was trotted off the ground. The jolting of the shafts shook him from his seat, and the heavy roller with its cargo of passengers went right over him, head and all. Fortunately the ground was soft, and so was he. A small blood vessel burst in his head, and that was all. He was allowed to ''feel rather flat" in the Matron's room for a day or two; then he reappeared smiling, apparently none the worse. At any rate he lived happily in No. 4 for many years afterwards. In Australia when war broke out, he came home and took a commission in the Northumberland Fusiliers. After being wounded in February, 1916, he was killed while serving as Lieutenant in the Lancashire Fusiliers, Machine Gun Corps, on April 28, 1917.' (Malvernian, Jul 1917).

Address (1916): Mount Pleasant Drake near Tenterfield, New South Wales formerly 6 Broadhurst Gardens, Hampstead, and 40 Regents Park Road.
Owned 1280 acres of land at Jenny Lind County.

Brother: John Clement & Otto Joseph Bell.
Sisters: Edith Margaret Underwood (widow), Rosaling Bessie Larkworthy, Cecilia Florence Osmond, Aelfrida Teresa Bell (spinster).
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Service record:WO 374/5494