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Birth: 1641 Father: John Laurie Mother:Agnes Grierson
Married: Mary Dalzell 1665
Children Born Died
Agnes Laurie
Mary Laurie
Married: Jean Riddell 27 JUL 1674
Children Born Died
(?) Laurie
(?) Laurie
Annie Laurie 16 DEC 1682 5 MAY 1764
(?) Laurie
(?) Laurie
(?) Laurie
Susanna Laurie
Violet Laurie
Death: 1698
Remarks: Robert Laurie, eldest son of John Laurie, inherited the family's ambitious streak. At 16 years of age he wrote a moralistic story about a thief and also some Latin verses. He was obviously making plans for the future when signing Dux Robertus Laurie and Roi Robertus Laurie Est. several times in different styles. Sadly the book was lost during the 1950's. He was knighted on the 21st March 1685 by King James 7th of Scotland, James 2nd of England." (MONIAIVE AND THE PARISH OF GLENCAIRN (visitors booklet) by Jacquie Field, 1989, page 14.)

Maxwelton House was bought by the Lauries from the Cunninghams (where it was known as Glencairn Castle) in 1611. There is a date carved in a wall of 1641 together with a Latin inscription and the arms and initials of Sir Robert Lawrie and Dame Jean Riddell.

A black ebony whistle was brought to Scotland by a huge Danish gentleman. The whistle was placed on the table at the start of festivities, (which often lasted for days) and the last person capable of blowing the whistle, won it.

The Dane had an unbeaten record through the courts of Copenhagen, Stockholm, Moscow, Warsaw, and several of the smaller courts in Germany. On arriving in Scotland he beat many Scots in contests, until he encountered Sir Robert Laurie of Maxwelton, who after three days and nights of hard drinking, left the Scandanavian under the table. As the winner, he claimed the whistle.
Maxwelton House (forrmerly called Glencairn Castle). Home to the Lauries and Cunninghams (Earls of Glencairn)

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