John Platt

Born: 15-Sep-1817, married Alice Radcliffe on 09-Mar-1842, died: 18-May-1872, father: Henry Platt, mother: Sarah Whitehead Family Tree

  Letter from Joseph Platt To Brother John 25-Jun-1840
White Bear Inn
June 25th 1840
My Dear Brother,
I have received your letter of the 21st instant
since I came to Manchester and from Mr Yorton
to you dated June 20th. I am sorry I cannot herewith
send you all the letters of introductions. I have seen Dr Jersey
& Co and my friend Mr Greicrisk informed me that he had
been taken unwell and has not attended long to business.
however he has promised to send them up on Friday
next to be sent off by the mail of the Monday following
and I wish you to be particular in giving me proper
instructions where to send them to. I have enclosed
two letters from Mr Radcliffe and he wishes me to state
that you had better tell the parties in Paris what trade
you follow as he thinks it might be something in your
way, the parties are cotton spinners and you must not
leave Paris if possible without seeing them.
Mr Seth Leigh promises to have sent letters here

but has not yet arrived, however I will send
them along with others on Friday or Saturday
next, in the meantime don't forget to write
home. There is nothing of any moment
since you left, we are all quite
I remain dear Brother
Yours truly,
Joseph Platt


  William Hall To John Platt MP Memorandum for deposit of deeds for securing 1800 pounds 11-Aug-1865
Dated 11th August 1865
Mr William Hall
John Platt Esq M.P.
of Deposit of Deeds referring
to messuage land and
hereditaments situated in the
Crescent, Salford for securing
1800 and interest.

Memorandum of Agreement
made the eleventh day of August one thousand eight
hundred and sixty five between William Hall of
Salford in the county of Lancaster Surgeon of the one
part and John Platt of Oldham in the said county of
Lancaster M.P. of the other part whereas the said
William Hall hath requested the said John Platt
lend him the sum of one thousand eight hundred
pounds which he hath agreed to do on having the
sum secured in manner hereinafter mentioned now
these present witness that in consideration of the
sum of One thousand eight hundred pounds
the said John Platt to the said William Hall
and paid on the execution hereof. He the said
William Hall doth hereby for himself his heirs
executors and administrators agree with the said
John Platt his executors administrators and assigns
that the said William Hall at his own expense
whenever thereunto requested by the said John Platt his
executors administrators and assigns execute and deliver to
him or them a


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  John Platt Presentation Newspaper1

  William Hall to John Platt MP Memorandum and Schedule for 1800 loan

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