Russian Character decipherment

If you receive an email which you think should be in cyrillic, but you only see unreadable characters, then this page should decipher them for you.
Copy the characters into the box below, choose the encoding (koi8-r is the most common), and then click the button. Hopefully the text will be magically transformed into cyrillic.

Characters to be decoded:
Character encoding:

NB: You can copy the characters to be decoded into the box above using the standard Windows copy commands. I.e:
1. To select all the characters to be copied, click anywhere in the characters and then hold down the CTRL key and press A (CTRL-A)
2. To copy the selected characters, hold down the CTRL key and press C (CTRL-C)
3. To paste the copied characters into the box above, click in the box above and then hold down the CTRL key and press V (CTRL-V)



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