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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath DateDeath PlaceDatabase
Charles 2nd Baron Cardigan Cadogan168524 SEP 1776stanwardine
Charles Henry Sloane 2nd Earl Cadogan Cadogan29 NOV 174923 DEC 1832stanwardine
Charles Sloane 1st Earl Cadogan Cadogan29 SEP 17283 APR 1807stanwardine
Charlotte Cadogan11 JUL 17818 JUL 1853stanwardine
Emily Maud Cadogan22 DEC 1839stanwardine
George 3rd Earl Cadogan Cadogan5 MAY 178315 SEP 1864stanwardine
Henry Cadogan164213 JAN 1713/1714stanwardine
Louisa CadoganAUG 1843stanwardine
William 1st Earl Cadogan Cadogan167217 JUL 1726stanwardine
Maud Fitzrobert De CaenABT 111729 JUL 1189stanwardine
Robert "The King's Son" CaenABT 109031 OCT 1147stanwardine
Quintus Servilius Caepiostanwardine
QuintusII Servilius Caepiostanwardine
Servilia Caepiostanwardine
Aelius Caesarstanwardine
Gaius Caesar4 AD (poisoned)stanwardine
Gaius Julius Caesar102 B.C.44 B.C.stanwardine
Gaius Julius I Caesarstanwardine
Gaius Julius II Caesarstanwardine
Gaius Julius III Caesar124 BCPisa in 84 BCstanwardine
Gaius Julius IV CaesarSubura, Italy on July 12, 100/102 BCRome, Italy on March 15, 44 BC (assassinated by a conspiracy of the Senate)stanwardine
GaiusII Julius Caesar84 B.C.stanwardine
Infant son Caesarabout 7 BC6 BCstanwardine
Julia Caesarstanwardine
Julia Caesar54 BCstanwardine
Julia Caesarabout 103 BCstanwardine
Julia Minor Caesar84 B.C.stanwardine
Julius CaesarJuly 12, 100 B.C.March 15, a.d. 14stanwardine
Lucius Julius Caesarstanwardine
Lucius Julius Caesarstanwardine
Lucius Julius I Caesarstanwardine
Lucius Julius III Caesar123 BC87 BCstanwardine
Lucius Julius IV Caesarstanwardine
LuciusII Julius Caesar87 B.C.stanwardine
LuciusIII Julius Caesarstanwardine
Sextus Julius Caesarstanwardine
Sextus Julius I Caesarabout 200 BCstanwardine
Sextus Julius II Caesarstanwardine
SextusII Julius Caesarstanwardine
SextusIII Julius Caesarstanwardine
Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar42 BCMarch 16, 0037stanwardine
Ptolemy XV Caesar\ CaesarionSyria on June 26, 47 BCAbt 30 BC. killed by Octavian Caesarstanwardine
Atia Balba Caesonia43 BCstanwardine
Julilla Caesonia29 AD on Tremerus in exile for 20 yearsstanwardine
Gabrielle Caffinstanwardine
Cainan5167 B.C.4257 B.C.stanwardine
Helen Cairns7 MAY 1862stanwardine
Frederick CalvertBEF 18506 JUN 1891stanwardine
Catherine Cambell10 MAY 18409 MAR 1881stanwardine
Edward Cambellstanwardine
Elizabeth Anne Cambell184226 JUN 1886stanwardine
Jane Cambell18 FEB 184428 JUL 1881stanwardine
Jessie Louise Cambell13 FEB 18478 MAY 1883stanwardine
Camber Duke of Cambriastanwardine
Cyngen Duke of Cambriastanwardine
Dyfnwal Hen Duke of Cambriastanwardine
Gorbonian Duke of Cambriastanwardine
Ithon of Cambriastanwardine
Colin Falconer Cameron1942stanwardine
Euan Cameronstanwardine
Euan Samuel Murdoch Cameron1934stanwardine
Nicholas David Cameron1938stanwardine
Norman Patrick Cameron1943stanwardine
James Cameron-CooperEDINBURGH Midlothian Scotlandstanwardine
Idoine CAMVILLEABT 12051 JAN 1250/1251stanwardine
Richard de CAMVILLEstanwardine
Trahaearn Ap CaradogABT 10301081stanwardine
Anne CAREWABT 1519stanwardine
Catherine CarewBEF 1500stanwardine
Edmond Carew146624 JUN 1513stanwardine
Konrad I CarinthiaDECEASEDstanwardine
Ann Jago Carkeet20 NOV 1879stanwardine
CarlomanABT 715754stanwardine
Agnes Carmichael18791887stanwardine
Chalmers Carmichael188615 JUL 1916stanwardine
Constance Carmichael18901894stanwardine
Isabella Minnie (Ella) Carmichael18851939stanwardine
Jesse Ross Carmichaelstanwardine
John Carmichael18821882stanwardine
Joyce Carmichael1882stanwardine
Margaret Carmichael18781911stanwardine
Mary Carmichael18811964stanwardine
William Chalmers CarmichaelScotandstanwardine
Winnifred Carmichael18851885stanwardine
Joan CarterBEF 23 NOV 1750stanwardine
William Carterstanwardine
Georgina Carolina CarteretABT 1706stanwardine
Katherine Mary Cary152915 JAN 1568/1569stanwardine
Thomas Cary1480BEF 21 JUN 1536stanwardine
William Cary149222 JUN 1528stanwardine
Nancy Cashstanwardine
Barry Casselsstanwardine
David Cassels1923stanwardine
Robert Catesby15738 NOV 1605stanwardine
William Catesby15471598stanwardine
Lucius Porcius Catostanwardine
Marcus Porcius Cato234 B.C.149 B.C.stanwardine
MarcusIII Porcius Catostanwardine
Ambrose Cave15022 APR 1568stanwardine
Margaret Cave15 AUG 1600stanwardine
Harriet Moyra Aline Cavendish1944stanwardine
Richard Edward Osborne Cavendishstanwardine
Giorgio de CEVAstanwardine
Leugia de CEVAABT 124022 AUG 1291stanwardine
Margaret Chalmersstanwardine
Helen Lehmann Chambersstanwardine
Alix De ChampagneABT 1100ABT 1145stanwardine
Eleonore De ChampagneABT 110214 OCT 1141stanwardine
Guillaume De ChampagneABT 10801150stanwardine
Humbert De ChampagneABT 1094Died Youngstanwardine
Lithuise Adela De ChampagneABT 10981118stanwardine
Joan Champernownestanwardine
Joan Champernowne151510 SEP 1553stanwardine
Katherine Champernowne1519stanwardine
Philip Champernowne1479stanwardine
Alice Violet Champion25 JUN 1880stanwardine
Bertha Marjorie Champion13 JUN 1882stanwardine
Dorothy Mary Champion12 DEC 1877stanwardine
Gladys Barbara Champion13 FEB 1890stanwardine
Henry Championstanwardine
John Francis Champion12 NOV 1876stanwardine
Charlemagne2 APR 74228 JAN 813/814stanwardine
Charles77212 DEC 811stanwardine
Irene Corona Charteris31 MAY 1902stanwardine
Jeanne de ChateaudunABT 1227stanwardine
Maurice Balfour Chaterstanwardine
Henry ChaumontABT 10751130stanwardine
Maud de CHAWORTH2 FEB 1281/1282AFT 1344stanwardine
Patrick de CHAWORTHABT 1250BEF 7 JUL 1283stanwardine
Algermon Edgar Percy Cheesmanstanwardine
Gisella of Chelles757stanwardine
Joan Chenduit Cheney12799 MAY 1327stanwardine
Edward Cherleton13701421stanwardine
Joan Cherletonstanwardine
Joan de Cherleton1400stanwardine
Joyce de CherletonABT 140222 SEP 1446stanwardine
Edward Cherlton137114 MAR 1419/1420stanwardine
Joan Cherlton139917 SEP 1425stanwardine
Joyce de Cherlton140327 JAN 1442/1443stanwardine
Agnes Of ChesterABT 11742 NOV 1247stanwardine
Mabel Of ChesterABT 1172BEF 1232stanwardine
I Childebert49623 DEC 558stanwardine
III Childebert67214 APR 711stanwardine
I Childeric43626 NOV 481stanwardine
II ChildericABT 656673stanwardine
I Chilperic539OCT 584stanwardine
Alison Claire Chilton1955stanwardine
ChiltrudeABT 716754stanwardine
Albert I Von ChinyABT 1090stanwardine
Arnold II Count Of ChinyABT 104516 APR 1106stanwardine
Constantius I Chlorus31 MAR 24225 JUL 306stanwardine
I ChlotarABT 49723 NOV 561stanwardine
III Chlotar652670stanwardine
IV Chlotarstanwardine
Margaret Mary Cholmondeleystanwardine
Richard Hugh Cholmondeley8 JAN 1901stanwardine
Thomas Richard Cholmondeley18567 FEB 1922stanwardine
Lorner Constance Christienstanwardine
ChrotildaABT 507stanwardine
(Lord) Francis Spencer Churchillstanwardine
(Lord) Ivor Spencer Churchill18981956stanwardine
(Lord) Randolph Spencer Churchill18491895stanwardine
(Sir) Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill18741965stanwardine
Adeline Spencer Churchill18601937stanwardine
Agnes Beryl Spencer Churchill18811948stanwardine
Alan Spencer Churchill18251873stanwardine
Alfred Spencer Churchill18241893stanwardine
Almeric Spencer Churchill18471856stanwardine
Anne Churchill28 FEB 1682stanwardine
Anne Spencer Churchill18541928stanwardine
Arabella Churchillstanwardine
Augusta Spencer Churchill1877stanwardine
Augustus Spencer Churchill18581859stanwardine
Charles Churchill2 FEB 165629 DEC 1714stanwardine
Charles Churchill16791745stanwardine
Charles ChurchillABT 17201812stanwardine
Charles Richard John Spencer Churchill18711934stanwardine
Charles Spencer Churchill18561858stanwardine
Clarissa Churchill1920stanwardine
Clementina Spencer Churchillstanwardine
Cornelia Spencer Churchill18471927stanwardine
Diana Spencer Churchill19091963stanwardine
Edward Spencer Churchill18761964stanwardine
Elizabeth Churchillstanwardine
Fanny Spencer Churchill18531904stanwardine
Frances Spencer Churchill18701954stanwardine
Frederick Spencer Churchill18461850stanwardine
George Churchillstanwardine
George Churchillstanwardine
George Charles Blandford S. Churchill18441892stanwardine
George Spencer Churchill17661840stanwardine
George Spencer Churchill17931857stanwardine
Georgiana Spencer Churchill18601906stanwardine
Henrietta Churchillstanwardine
Henry Winston Churchill1913stanwardine
Jane Spencer Churchill18581940stanwardine
John Churchillstanwardine
John Churchill1909stanwardine
John Churchill26 MAY 165016 JUN 1722stanwardine
John Albert Edward William S. Churchill1897stanwardine
John Spencer Churchill18801947stanwardine
John Winston Spencer Churchill18221883stanwardine
Lilian Spencer Churchill18731951stanwardine
Louisa Spencer Churchill18201882stanwardine
Marigold Spencer Churchill19181921stanwardine
Mary Churchillstanwardine
Mary Churchill23 FEB 1758stanwardine
Mary Spencer Churchill1922stanwardine
Norah Spencer Churchill18751946stanwardine
Olivia Spencer Churchill18591943stanwardine
Randolph Frederick Edward S. Churchill19111968stanwardine
Sarah Spencer Churchill19141982stanwardine
Sarah Spencer Churchill18651929stanwardine
Violet Spencer Churchill18641941stanwardine
Winston Churchill16201688stanwardine
Catherine Chute17211778stanwardine
Kim Clairs1962stanwardine
Aveline CLAREABT 1160BEF JUN 1225stanwardine
Avice De ClareABT 1058DECEASEDstanwardine
Elana De ClareABT 1154DECEASEDstanwardine
Elana De ClareABT 1155DECEASEDstanwardine
Eleanor or Alianore de CLAREOCT 129230 JUN 1337stanwardine
Elizabeth de CLARE16 SEP 12954 NOV 1360stanwardine
Eveline (Aveline) De Clare1172BEF 4 JUN 1225stanwardine
Gilbert de Clare10 MAY 129124 JUN 1314stanwardine
Gilbert de CLAREABT 118325 OCT 1230stanwardine
Gilbert IV de CLARE2 SEP 12437 DEC 1295stanwardine
Henry De Clare1172DECEASEDstanwardine
Isabe de Clare10 MAR 1262/12631333stanwardine
Isabel de Clare2 NOV 1226AFT 1264stanwardine
James De Clare1164DECEASEDstanwardine
John De Clare1170DECEASEDstanwardine
Mabel De Clare11561203stanwardine
Margaret CLAREABT 129213 APR 1342stanwardine
Margaret de CLAREBET 1280 AND 1286BET 1333 AND 1335stanwardine
Maude (Matilda) CLAREBET 1276 AND 12791 FEB 1324/1325stanwardine
Richard de CLARE4 AUG 122215 JUL 1262stanwardine
Richard De ClareABT 1153AFT 30 OCT 1217stanwardine
Roesse de CLAREABT 1256AFT 1315stanwardine
Roger De Clare11161173stanwardine
Roger De Clare11681241stanwardine
Thomas de CLAREBET 1244 AND 1247FEB 1287/1288stanwardine
Living Claridgestanwardine
Living Claridgestanwardine
Living Claridgestanwardine
Living Claridgestanwardine
Martin Claridgestanwardine
Mary CLARISSAABT 1255AFT 1283stanwardine
Alfred Cameron Clarkstanwardine
Fiona Margaret Ingham Clarkstanwardine
Henry Clarkstanwardine
Marguerite Victoria Clarkstanwardine
Grace (Monica?) Clarkestanwardine
Genvissa Claudia12 A.D.50 A.D.stanwardine
Octavia Claudiastanwardine
Octavia Claudia059 (divorced and executed by Nero)stanwardine
Servilla Claudiastanwardine
MarcusV Livius Drusus Claudianusstanwardine
Cecil Fraser Talbot Claytonstanwardine
Edward Ffarington Clayton24 NOV 1907stanwardine
Nancy Clegg17731830stanwardine
VII Cleopatra69 BC in Alexandria, EgyptAlexandria, Egypt on August 12, 30 BC(suicide by asp bite)stanwardine
Renauld II Count Of ClermontABT 10851162stanwardine
Anne of Cleves22 SEP 151517 JUL 1557stanwardine
Andrew de CliffordAFT 1307stanwardine
Idonea de CLIFFORDABT 130024 AUG 1365stanwardine
Iodine de CliffordABT 130024 AUG 1365stanwardine
John de CliffordAFT 1306stanwardine
Katherine CliffordABT 136523 APR 1413stanwardine
Margaret de CliffordUNKNOWNstanwardine
Robert CLIFFORD1 APR 127424 JUN 1314stanwardine
Robert de Clifford5 NOV 130520 MAY 1344stanwardine
Roger CLIFFORDABT 11801231stanwardine
Roger CLIFFORDABT 12051285stanwardine
Roger CLIFFORD12426 NOV 1282stanwardine
Roger de Clifford12991322stanwardine
Geoffrey De ClintonABT 1100DECEASEDstanwardine
Lesceline De ClintonABT 1120AFT 1145stanwardine
Mrs. Geoffrey 1100 De ClintonDECEASEDstanwardine
Osbert De Clinton1122DECEASEDstanwardine
Charlotte Clivestanwardine
Charlotte Florentia Clive12 SEP 178727 JUL 1866stanwardine
Edward Clive22 MAR 178517 JAN 1848stanwardine
Edward Clive7 MAR 175416 MAY 1839stanwardine
Elizabeth Clive16761676stanwardine
George Clive16401690stanwardine
George Clivestanwardine
George Clivestanwardine
Henrietta Antonia Clive22 DEC 1835stanwardine
Margaret CliveJUN 1814stanwardine
Mary Clive16791679stanwardine
Rebecca CliveDEC 1795stanwardine
Richard CliveFEB 16941771stanwardine
Robert Clive30 AUG 176928 JUL 1833stanwardine
Robert Clive16751675stanwardine
Robert Clivestanwardine
Robert Clive29 SEP 172522 NOV 1774stanwardine
Robert Henry Clive15 JAN 179820 JAN 1854stanwardine
Thomas Clivestanwardine
Thomas Clive12 AUG 167310 DEC 1711stanwardine
William Clivestanwardine
Clodomir494AFT 524stanwardine
Daughter Clodoreiusstanwardine
ClotildeABT 650stanwardine
II ClovisABT 634657stanwardine
III ClovisABT 673MAR 695stanwardine
Anna Maria Cludde13 MAR 1906stanwardine
Mrs. Robert 1052 CobetDECEASEDstanwardine
Eleanor Cobhamstanwardine
Juliane de COGANABT 1215stanwardine
Adeloia Widow Of William De CoimisABT 1035DECEASEDstanwardine
Emily ColburnABT 1820Dublin, Cheshire, NHstanwardine
Deborah Colemanstanwardine
Ian Colemanstanwardine
Keith Colemanstanwardine
LeeAnn Colemanstanwardine
Sarah CollamoreABT 1670stanwardine
Anne Colleystanwardine
Henry ColleyBEF 1674stanwardine
Henry ColleyBEF 17041723stanwardine
Isabella Colleystanwardine
Nancy Collier1926stanwardine
Mildred Georgina Collins20 JUL 1962stanwardine
Elizabeth Colyear17471832stanwardine
Diana Muriel Davenport Combe1960stanwardine
Jeremy Vernon Wellesley Combe1952stanwardine
John Gabriel Combe2007stanwardine
Michael Valerian Wellesley Combe1948stanwardine
Patricia Daphne Eastburn Combe1950stanwardine
Robert Combestanwardine
Marcus Antoninus Pius Commodus31 AUG 16131 DEC 192stanwardine
Wilson-8Pres+ Ancestor Commonstanwardine
Wilson-Churchill Ancestor Commonstanwardine
Wilson-Keller Ancestor Commonstanwardine
Wilson-PresTaylor Ancestor Commonstanwardine
Pierre I de Luxembourg, Comte de St. Pol, Brienne, et ConservanABT 139031 AUG 1443stanwardine
Alice COMYNABT 12911349stanwardine
Elizabeth COMYN1 NOV 1299stanwardine
Joan Comyn1290BEF 24 JUL 1326stanwardine
John III COMYN126920 FEB 1305/1306stanwardine
John IV ComynABT 12951314stanwardine
Isabe (Gabel)l de CONDEABT 1210stanwardine
Letitia Coningsbystanwardine
Letitia Coningsbystanwardine
Jane Connorstanwardine
* Constance of Castile135424 MAR 1393/1394stanwardine
Flavia Julia Constantiastanwardine
III ConstantiusBEF 3882 SEP 421stanwardine
Julius Constantiusstanwardine
Emma De ContevilleABT 1029DECEASEDstanwardine
Oda De ContevilleABT 994stanwardine
Avice Conway1640APR 1683stanwardine
Edward Conwaystanwardine
Elizabeth Ann Cooke20 FEB 1927stanwardine
Henry Richard Vincent Cooke1904stanwardine
Living Cookestanwardine
Living Cookestanwardine
Oscar William Hindley Cooke1900MAR 1966stanwardine
Leila Mary Cooksonstanwardine
Elizabeht Eyre Cooper1941stanwardine
Sandy Cooperstanwardine
Nina Violet Eyre Coote9 MAY 1904stanwardine
Edward CopeABT 153020 JUN 1557stanwardine
Isabel Cope15051655stanwardine
Ursula CopeABT 1554stanwardine
Walter Cope155631 JUL 1614stanwardine
Felix Alexander Vincent Copland-Griffithsstanwardine
Alice CorbetABT 1100BEF 1178stanwardine
Alice CORBET13898 SEP 1458stanwardine
Alice De Corbet1156DECEASEDstanwardine
Andrew CORBET1639stanwardine
Andrew CORBET1640stanwardine
Andrew Corbet152216 AUG 1578stanwardine
Anne CORBET1671stanwardine
Arthur Corbet1566Spstanwardine
Blanche CorbetABT 1432stanwardine
Dorothy CorbetABT 1495stanwardine
Ebraid CorbetDECEASEDstanwardine
Elizabeth CORBETABT 1643stanwardine
Elizabeth CORBET1663stanwardine
Elizabeth CORBETABT 1610stanwardine
Everard CorbetABT 1091AFT 1155stanwardine
Fulk Corbet25 MAY 12841323stanwardine
Gertrude CORBETABT 15724 APR 1643stanwardine
Henry CORBET16821717stanwardine
Hugh CorbetABT 10461063stanwardine
Hugh CorbetABT 1118AFT AUG 1130stanwardine
Hugh CorbetABT 1155AFT 1198stanwardine
Hugh Le CorbetABT 1025AFT 1080stanwardine
Jane CORBETABT 1574stanwardine
Jane CORBET1677stanwardine
Joan Corbet1261stanwardine
Joan CORBETMoreton Corbet, Shropshire, England1359stanwardine
John CORBET1675(sp)stanwardine
John CorbetABT 1309AFT 1367stanwardine
John CorbetABT 1286BEF 1352stanwardine
John CorbetABT 1240AFT 1314stanwardine
John CORBETABT 1324BEF 1383stanwardine
John CORBETABT 1360AFT 1389stanwardine
John CORBET25 MAR 1298BEF 1347stanwardine
Letitia (Lettice) CORBET1638stanwardine
Lucy CORBET1679stanwardine
Margaret CORBETABT 1576stanwardine
Margaret CORBETABT 1646stanwardine
Margaret CORBET1673stanwardine
Margaret CORBET1579stanwardine
Margaret Corbet1268stanwardine
Margaret CorbetABT 1310AFT 1385stanwardine
Margaret CorbetABT 1525stanwardine
Margery CORBETABT 1513BET 1544 AND 1609stanwardine
Martha CORBET1685stanwardine
Mary CORBETABT 1650stanwardine
Mary CORBET1665stanwardine
Mary CORBETABT 1608stanwardine
Mary CORBETABT 1430AFT 1450stanwardine
Miss CorbetABT 1095DECEASEDstanwardine
Miss CorbetABT 1147DECEASEDstanwardine
Mr CORBETABT 1648stanwardine
Mrs. Hugh 1025 CorbetDECEASEDstanwardine
Mrs. Roger 1050 CorbetDECEASEDstanwardine
Mrs. Simon 1116 CorbetDECEASEDstanwardine
Mrs. Thomas 1135 CorbetDECEASEDstanwardine
Mrs. William 1080 CorbetDECEASEDstanwardine
Peter CORBETABT 1315stanwardine
Peter CORBETABT 1415AFT 1483stanwardine
Petronilla CorbetABT 1238DECEASEDstanwardine
Phlip CorbetABT 1161DECEASEDstanwardine
Reginald CORBETABT 1568stanwardine
Renaud CorbetABT 10501124stanwardine
Richard CORBET1672AFT 1686stanwardine
Richard CORBET156410 MAR 1625stanwardine
Richard CorbetABT 1154AFT 1217stanwardine
Richard CorbetABT 1173BEF 1235stanwardine
Richard CorbetABT 12001255stanwardine
Richard CorbetABT 1305ABT 1355stanwardine
Richard CorbetABT 12361267stanwardine
Robert CORBETABT 1635(sp)stanwardine
Robert CORBET1644(sp)stanwardine
Robert CORBET1661AFT 1686stanwardine
Robert CORBETABT 1606stanwardine
Robert CorbetABT 1052ABT 1130stanwardine
Robert Corbet1234NOV 1300stanwardine
Robert CorbetABT 1099AFT 1147stanwardine
Robert CorbetABT 1083AFT 1142stanwardine
Robert CORBET8 DEC 138312 AUG 1420stanwardine
Robert Corbet150120 DEC 1538stanwardine
Robert CorbetABT 153530 JAN 1593/1594stanwardine
Robert CORBETABT 1250stanwardine
Robert CORBETABT 147711 APR 1513stanwardine
Robert CORBETABT 1442Leigh, Shropshire, Englandstanwardine
Robert CORBETABT 1410JAN 1439/1440stanwardine
Robert CORBET25 DEC 13043 DEC 1375stanwardine
Robert II Corbet11511222stanwardine
Roger CORBET1561(sp)stanwardine
Roger CORBETstanwardine
Roger CorbetABT 1050AFT 1122stanwardine
Roger CorbetABT 10971175stanwardine
Roger CorbetABT 1283AFT 1323stanwardine
Roger CorbetABT 1110ABT 1165stanwardine
Roger CorbetABT 115923 APR 1231stanwardine
Roger CorbetABT 1172ABT 1204stanwardine
Roger CorbetABT 1193DECEASEDstanwardine
Roger CorbetABT 1232DECEASEDstanwardine
Roger CorbetABT 14145 JUN 1467stanwardine
Roger CORBETABT 1330JAN 1395/1396stanwardine
Sibyl (Adela) (Lucy) CORBET1076stanwardine
Simon CorbetABT 1125BEF 1165stanwardine
Simon CorbetABT 1100AFT 1155stanwardine
Simon CorbetABT 1093AFT 1155stanwardine
Susannah CORBETABT 1570stanwardine
Sybilla CorbetABT 1070AFT 1157stanwardine
Thomas CORBET1669BEF 1686stanwardine
Thomas CORBET1636stanwardine
Thomas CorbetABT 1135DECEASEDstanwardine
Thomas CorbetABT 1307ABT 1355stanwardine
Thomas CORBET25 DEC 1281BEF 7 MAY 1310stanwardine
Thomas CORBETABT 156217 NOV 1615stanwardine
Vincent Corbet15508 MAR 1622/1623stanwardine
Walter Corbetstanwardine
Walter CorbetABT 1114DECEASEDstanwardine
Walter CorbetABT 1157AFT 1208stanwardine
William CORBETABT 1667stanwardine
William CorbetABT 1080AFT 1136stanwardine
William CorbetABT 1112DECEASEDstanwardine
William CorbetABT 1153ABT 1153stanwardine
Peter CORBICONABT 1244stanwardine
Sybil CORBICONABT 1276stanwardine
Elise De CorbielABT 1048DECEASEDstanwardine
Charlotte Corney1976stanwardine
Emma Corney1974stanwardine
Jack Corney19 MAR 192415 AUG 2003stanwardine
CornieliaRome in about 68 BCstanwardine
Frances Cornillan18651934stanwardine
Aedd Mawr Duke of Cornwallstanwardine
Antonius Duke of Cornwallstanwardine
Asser Duke of Cambria and Cornwallstanwardine
Bleiddud Duke of Cambria and Cornwallstanwardine
Dyfnarth Duke of Cornwallstanwardine
Henwyn Duke of Cornwallstanwardine
Prydain Duke of Cornwallstanwardine
Mary CorrieBEF 17791813stanwardine
Living Corriganstanwardine
Thomas William Edward Corrigan25 AUG 1961stanwardine
John Corsanestanwardine
Marion Corsanestanwardine
Cossutia\Fulviaabout 123 BCstanwardine
Mary de COUCYABT 1220stanwardine
Margaret Countess of Carrick1250stanwardine
Philippa d'Avesnes, Countess of Hainault24 JUN 131114 AUG 1369stanwardine
Joan Plantagenet, Countess of Kent29 SEP 13288 AUG 1385stanwardine
Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby31 MAY 144329 JUN 1509stanwardine
Alice Montacute, Countess of Salisbury14069 DEC 1462stanwardine
Philippa Plantagenet of Clarence, Countess of Ulster16 AUG 13555 JAN 1382stanwardine
Margaret de Stafford, Countess of Westmoreland13649 JUN 1396stanwardine
Agnes CouplandABT 1655stanwardine
Isobel CouplandABT 1655stanwardine
Catherine Courtanay3 JAN 1306/1307stanwardine
Godiva Of CoventryABT 1002AFT 1086stanwardine
Mrs-Thorold Of CoventryABT 985DECEASEDstanwardine
Thorold Of CoventryABT 985DECEASEDstanwardine
Arthur M Cowanstanwardine
Lionel Coxstanwardine
Ada Cragg19161999stanwardine
Archie Charles Crawford1989stanwardine
Candida Mary Crawford1991stanwardine
Caroline Crawford1932stanwardine
Charles Willfred Crawford1956stanwardine
Eliza Patricia Crawford1988stanwardine
George Archibald Crawford1940stanwardine
Helen Crawfordstanwardine
Ian Crawfordstanwardine
James Wilfred Peace Crawford1987stanwardine
John Anthony Crawford7 MAY 1929stanwardine
Lara Louise Crawford1977stanwardine
Susan Louise Crawford1941stanwardine
Victoria Elizabeth McCosh Crawford1985stanwardine
Wilfred Hornby Crawford24 AUG 19156 JUN 1993stanwardine
William James Crawford1944stanwardine
Marcus Antonius II Crecitusabout 100 BC71 BCstanwardine
Adelaide De Crecy10401104stanwardine
Melisende De Crecy10841147stanwardine
Hugh 'The Great' Crepi105018 OCT 1101stanwardine
Son De CrepiABT 10901152stanwardine
Scamander Prince of Cretestanwardine
Turstin Of CreullyABT 1053DECEASEDstanwardine
Hamo Dapifer CrevecouerABT 10321100stanwardine
Mrs. Hamo CrevecouerDECEASEDstanwardine
Hamo De CrevequerABT 10601119stanwardine
Joan CREWE1280stanwardine
George Crichtonstanwardine
Hannah Crichtonstanwardine
James Crichtonstanwardine
John Crichtonstanwardine
Margaret Crichton180121 SEP 1859stanwardine
Richard Crichtonstanwardine
Carolyn Dawn Crippsstanwardine
Hesilia (Elise) CrispinABT 1025AFT 1086stanwardine
Esilia Crispin de TillieresNormandystanwardine
Bruttia Crispina183stanwardine
Claudia Crispinastanwardine
James Cromptonstanwardine
Sally Crompton16 SEP 1806stanwardine
Margaret Crosbie16709 FEB 1759stanwardine
William Crosby10 JAN 182621 JAN 1904stanwardine
Elizabeth Cross166922 MAR 1732stanwardine
Helena of the Cross248330stanwardine
Georgiana Marian Frances Crowe1873stanwardine
Malcolm Hugh Cummingstanwardine
Kunigonda CunegondeABT 835stanwardine
Cybil Harriet Cunliffe7 MAR 1929stanwardine
Jean CunnighamABT 1575stanwardine
Alexander Cunningham1515stanwardine
Lady Janet CunninghamABT 1515stanwardine
Nora Cunningham8 MAY 1874stanwardine
William CunninghamABT 1545stanwardine
Alexander Cunningham (1st Earl of Glencairn)1426stanwardine
Robert Cunningham (2nd Earl of Glencairn)ABT 1450stanwardine
Cuthbert Cunningham (3rd Earl of Glencairn)14701541stanwardine
William Cunningham (4th Earl of Glencairn)ABT 1490stanwardine
Joyce Mary Curzon-Howe16 JUL 1906stanwardine
Vida CuthbertBEF 1915stanwardine
Deborah Cutlarstanwardine