History of Stanwardine
Malvern College WW1 and WW2


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Graveyard survey

Graveyard survey of Weston Lullingfields church including a name index, and a transcription and photograph of every gravestone.

Malvern College WW1 and WW2

Malvern College First World War and Second World War Casualties.
List and biographies of the 459 people who attended Malvern College and became casualties in the First World War, and of the 248 in the Second World War. They can be searched by house, regiment, rank, date and cemetery.


A history and description of Stanwardine Hall built in 1580, and the nearby moated site which dates back to the 12th century. They are set in the rural countryside of Shropshire in England.


A list showing the descendants of William the Conqueror including Robert the Bruce, the Earl of Glencairn and William Bridge!
Robert Corbet, the builder of Stanwardine Hall, and William Bridge are 17th cousins 15 times removed! Fi and Gruffudd Kynaston who lived on the moat in the 1400s are  3rd cousins 15 times removed..

A chart  showing Stanwardine owners and occupiers from the 12th to the 21st century.

The Bridge Family tree (originally hosted by RootsWeb but now on my own created site) tracing principally the Bridge, Hall, and MacMillan lines. Notable names are William The Conqueror , Henry I , Robert the Bruce , Robert II (King of Scotland) , The Earl of Glencairn , Annie Laurie , and Henry Platt.

There are the First World War records of Rev Henry Cecil Franks MC , William Taylor Jones , Lieutenant John Rookhurst Platt who was at Eton and Oxford and killed near Ypres in 1916, and his cousins Captain Lionel Sydney Platt who was in the Royal Flying Corps, Captain Henry Evelyn Arthur Platt who was in the 19th Hussars before transferring to the Coldstream Guards, Captain Edmond Wellesley who was also killed near Ypres in 1916 less than a month after his marriage, 2nd Lieutenant Charles Douglas Reid who was killed in the battle of the Somme at High Wood, Lieutenant Robert Ainslie Hamilton who was killed at Rossignol Wood, the Somme, during the German Spring offensive of 1918, and Captain Miles Radcliffe shot at Kemmel on 12 Dec 1914. Please also see summary of relatives who served in the war who served in the war.

Lieutenant Robert Thurston Greaves was killed in 1897 during a cavalry charge in the North West Frontier, and 2nd Lieutenant Cecil Sherman Platt died in the Boer War. Captain Benjamin Hall was awarded a silver cup for attempting to repulse the French at the battle of Carrickfergus in 1760 whilst heavily outnumbered. Ralph and William Stevenson fought at the Battle of Waterloo.

There is a funeral tribute, life in pictures, and letters to his mother whilst at school and in the Navy of David James Bridge.

Other notable people include John Dashwod Goldie who the Cambridge second boat is named after, Cyril Radcliffe who formed the Radcliffe line during the partition of India, and Andrew Fraser who was CEO of Barings bank during its collapse and Conservative party treasurer.

Those who emigrated to America, include John Briggs, a 'handcart pioneer' who was killed during the 1000 mile trek to Salt Lake City at Devil's Gate in a snowstorm, and Francis (Frank) Platt who Emigrated to America in 1859 and was listed as a Farmer in the 1880 census living at Deerfield, Lenawee, Michigan, USA.

In Russia, Andrei Danilovich Tashkeev was accused of being a Kulak and evicted along with his family from his farm in the Urals in 1930 and died the following year. Georgiy Petrovich Tashkeev was killed in Hungary during WW2, and his brother Nikolai Petrovich Tashkeev was never heard of again.

In the Tudor period, on Fi's side, notable people include Edward Neville who was beheaded at the Tower of London in 1538 for supporting his cousin Cardinal Reginald Pole (later to become Archbishop of Canterbury under Mary) who condemned Henry VIII for wanting a divorce and sought exile in France. Edward Neville's great,great,great grandfather was Edward III , and Edward Neville's granddaugher was Martha Throckmorton whose cousin, Elizabeth Throckmorton , was the wife of Sir Walter Raleigh . Martha's nephew was Robert Catesby , one of the main leaders in the Gun Powder Plot and her father was the MP Clement Throckmorton whose cousin was Catherine Parr , the 6th wife of Henry VIII .

Catalogue of letters and other items mainly relating to the Greaves, Hall and Platt families in the 19th century. Notable items include the courtship letters between Hannah Greaves and William Hall in 1824 and the account in the Oldham Chronicle of the shooting accident of James Platt MP on Saddleworth Moor in 1857, the Roman and Greek Coin Catalogues of Henry Platt Hall, and the sporting biography of Major James Edward Platt . It also includes many items relating to the textile machine company Platt Bros in Oldham, which was the largest firm in the world in the second half of the 19th century, such as the book Platts by R H Eastham , a Souvenir for the visit of King George V to Platt Bros in 1913 , and the 1966 Queens Award to Platt Bros.
Connections to notable people such as Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Winston Churchill, Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, Duke of Welligton, Horatio Nelson, Edward III, Llewelyn, Marcus Aurelius, Tutankhamun, and Confucius courtesy of which has over 100 million people in their family tree.
Going back a bit further in time courtesy of OneZoom's zoomable evolutionary tree:
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